above the cabinet

above the cabinet

Monday, May 5, 2014


People put those pretty spring wreaths by their front doors or even on their front doors, with flowers and a sweet little nest with fake eggs.

I hung a plain wreath, planning on adding a living plant and a ribbon later when the weather warmed up a bit.

And then the robin came.

She didn't build her nest where the florist would choose.

 It looks a bit top-heavy, but it is high enough that I can't see inside.

Without my camera, that is.

No eggs yet.

A couple of days later, I took another picture of the inside of the nest--which is the only way that I can see inside.

Two sweet little robin's eggs.

And then the next day:


And then the weather turned off cold. It even snowed.
I checked the nest; the mother robin had covered her eggs a bit.
And there was another surprise.

Four baby robins will be hatching soon, right by our front door.

There is another robin's nest over the electrical box beside the garage.  I'm not sure that robins choose the best places for their nests, but they otherwise seem to be good parents.

We host a couple of robin families every year.  Since a pair of huge trees in our yard were taken out (one by a storm, another by disease) the robins find rather interesting places to nest.

The mother robin may not have the aesthetics of a florist, but she did "decorate" my wreath for me. 

I'm sure her babies will "decorate" our brick after they hatch, but we will also hear their sweet baby tweets.

Happy spring!

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  1. As I wrote that post, I thought of how she would have loved seeing my pictures of the nests and the robins when they hatch. The firsts without her are difficult: a child's birthday, the birth of a new baby in the family, the planning of our gardens for spring planting. She isn't missing anything much: she is rejoicing with the Lord in heaven. But we are missing her!